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Certified Orthotist

What is a Certified Orthotist?

Certified Orthotists are unique paramedical health professionals who provide biomechanical devices called orthoses to physically disabled persons to enable them to function better. The field of orthotics involves the design, fabrication and fitting of orthoses (braces or splints) intended to prevent or correct deformities, protect a painful part of the body or improve the function of a weakened extremity. This may include anything from custom fabricated arch supports (foot orthotics) to braces for the knee, back, shoulder or arm.

Please note that Certified Orthotists are unable to prescribe foot orthotics. While the Certified Orthotist is trained to recognize when the device would be helpful in certain medical conditions, their Code of Ethics stipulates that prescribing a device and then fulfilling that prescription is a conflict of interest. Therefore Certified Orthotists rely on the referring medical professional, usually a family physician or medical specialist to make the diagnosis and recommend a course of treatment.

Choosing an Orthotist

Foot orthotics should fit into a pair of supportive walking or running shoes that you may already have. Be wary if your orthotics provider insists that they can not provide orthotics (or insoles) without the additional purchase of shoes. In most cases, this is simply not necessary.

At Advanced Orthodynamics we take our role in your health care seriously and creating a comfortable atmosphere. Eric Bapty takes pride in his reputation as a skilled Orthotist and for maintaining high professional standards. Whoever you chose to provide your foot orthotics, be sure you have a good rapport with the individual and feel confident in his or her abilities. Before committing to the purchase of a pair of foot orthotics, ask these questions:

  • Is a plaster or fiberglass cast made of my feet?
  • Who manufactures the device - is it done on the premises or sent out to a central fabrication laboratory?
  • What credentials does he or she have to manufacture and fit foot orthotics?
  • Will I be seen after the fitting for follow-up?
  • Are adjustments done while I wait by a certified technician or are they sent out to a central laboratory?
  • Can evaluations be done to monitor how well the devices are working?
  • Do I pay extra for visits?
  • Will the foot orthotics fit into a good pair of walking shoes I already own?

If you have any questions, please contact Advanced Orthodynamics Inc. We'll be glad to help you and answer the above questions or any others you may have.

Required Training and Credentials of a Certified Orthotist

  • Admissions: Bachelor of Science degree in a related field, and/or graduate of Orthotics/Prosthetics Technical Program at George Brown College
  • Program: 2 years plus a 22 month internship under the supervision of a Certified Orthotist
  • Courses in Manufacturing and Fitting of Foot Orthotics: 4 courses in laboratory techniques (almost all Certified Orthotists graduating today have previously completed the Orthotics/Prosthetics Technical Program at George Brown College)
  • Typically have manufacturing facilities on site: Yes
  • Reference:
    Canadian Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists
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