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Chest Deformity Treatment

Pectus Deformities

Orthotist Eric Bapty has for several years now been working with Dr. Paul Missiuna in treating children with pectus deformities from Canada, the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. Paul Missiuna's treatment of children with pectus deformities is based on the work done by Dr. Sydney A. Haje M.D. and Dr. J. Richard Bowen M.D., at the Fundacao Hospitalar do Distrito Federal, Brasilia, Brazil and the Aflred I. DuPont Institute, Wilmington, Delaware respectively.

At Advance Orthodynamics we implemented a modified design of the Dynamic Chest Compressor to make the device more attractive to the North American teen or child by allowing them to wear the brace under a loose fitting T-shirt and making it as light as possible.

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Photo of Custom Pectus Brace Dynamic Chest Compressor
Pectus Brace DCC                 Custom Dynamic Chest Compressor DCC for use in treating Pectus Deformities designed by Advanced Orthodynamics.

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