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Orthotics and Bracing

It has been estimated that two thirds of the population, old and young alike, have arches that are either too high or too low. Countless others suffer from common foot ailments such as bunions, calluses, corns and hammertoes.

For some people, off-the-shelf store bought foot orthotics are a fine solution. However, for many people off-the-shelf orthotics do not provide a tangible benefit over the insoles they replaced. And of course, how well the shoe fits in the first place plays an important role.

Many people suffering with aching feet, disability or injury find the best solution is an individual consultation and custom solution from an Orthotist or other highly trained professional.

Individual Attention to Your Unique Needs

Advanced Orthodynamics clients can expect the individual attention of our Certified Orthotist to design, build and fit a wide range of custom orthotics and braces to support the foot, knee, legspine, neck, head, wrist and hand. Your body is unique and the orthotics, custom bracing, sports bracing or other specialized orthoses should be just as unique as you are.