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Orthotic Footwear

Shoes and Workboots

Your feet are your foundation, and your shoes are their main support. Few people realize that their feet change over the years. Actually, your heel stays the same, but the front of the foot becomes wider and longer. According to surveys done for the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, almost 9 out of 10 women wear shoes that are too narrow or too small.

Do you know how long and wide your feet are? The best way to measure is to stand barefoot on a piece of cardboard and have someone draw the outline of your feet. Now measure the outline at the widest point. The average woman's foot is 3.66" wide - but most woman's shoes are only 3" wide.

Now place your shoes on top of the outline of your feet. If you can still see the lines, your shoes are too small! You may also notice that one foot is bigger than the other. This is normal; but when you're buying shoes, make sure that you buy for the largest foot.

At Advanced Orthodynamics we offer a selection of  Drew shoes, sandals and boots along with Alden Extra Depth shoes for men by catalogue order.

Custom Made Shoes and Workboots

Most people don't need custom made shoes, a good running or extra depth walking shoe does just fine - but there are those whose feet need extra attention; perhaps their feet are significantly different from one another that one might have to buy two pairs of different shoe sizes; perhaps they have developed a deformity which makes standard shoes impossible to wear. In these cases, custom made shoes may not only make financial sense, but also save wear and tear on the feet.

Talk to your Orthotist about any questions or concerns you have. Eric apprenticed in shoe making in Great Britain and can make recommendations about the type of shoe or workboot that best suits your needs.


Photo of Custom Foot Orthotic
Foot Orthotics can be added to many shoes in place of the insole.

Be sure to discuss your current footwear with our Orthotist Eric Bapty during your appointment. Eric will help you understand the best footwear for your needs and how to make the most economical use of your existing shoes as well as provide you with options to consider for the future.

Photo of Custom Orthopaedic Boot
Custom Brace Boot
An example of a custom orthopaedic brace boot with sole build up, fit and supplied by our Orthotist Eric Bapty.