Concrescence Design Inc.

About Concrescence Design

Concrescence Design is a web design firm located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada serving small and medium-sized businesses and institutional clients from across Canada and the United States. Our focus is providing clients with individual attention as we build customized web sites using standardized tools and individual software solutions. Our goal is to provide superior graphic design, professionally built web sites and exceptional service.

Concrescence Design draws upon both internal and external talents in a model which allows us to pull together the exact right team of designers, artists, programmers and database specialists for your project. The primary consultants dedicated to each project are senior level consultants who work directly on the project.

Download an About Concrescence Fact Sheet (103KB PDF)

Our approach is more than simply converting existing material to the web or designing a new website look. We strategically examine the communication issues surrounding website interaction from both a visitor's and a content manager's perspective. As such, we always begin a project with stakeholder consultations and a needs assessment.

Why ‘Concrescence Design’? The term implies creativity and ‘concrete togetherness’ — the novel interaction of ideas into a new form. Our firm strives to create projects that reflect that creativity and websites that allow our clients to continue to evolve that concrescence.

The Result? We combine creativity, strategy, design, technical know-how and project management skills to deliver client-focused solutions.

Sharing Your Story

Developing a website can be a daunting challenge, but look down the road and it's obvious — keeping a site current and fresh will easily become an even larger proposition.

We'll build you a website where everyone becomes involved in the creative process and you are put in control of sharing your evolving story.

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