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Orthotics & Braces

Foot Orthotics

They aren't just your feet; they're the foundations of your every move! Learn more about these vital and often-overlooked supporting body parts in our resource: A Guide to Orthotics.

Do I Need Orthotics?

Learn more about whether you might need Foot Orthotics and the procedure involved in having them manufactured and fitted. See our resource: A Guide to Orthotics.

Common Foot Ailments

Common foot ailments aided by orthotics include:

  • Calluses and Corns, 
  • Hammertoes, 
  • Bunions, 
  • Metatarsalgia, 
  • Plantar Neuroma, and
  • Plantar Fasciitis

For more information see the resource: Common Foot Ailments.

Non-Invasive Assessment

Advanced Orthodynamics uses the F-Scan computerized Foot Pressure Analysis System used by corporations around the world to measure pressure points. The F-Scan measures the reactive forces between foot and footwear as they occur. Unlike the X-ray, it is a non-invasive method of assessment.

Who Can Make Orthotics?

Research the role of the Certified Orthotist and that of various types of Foot Orthotic providers in order to make an informed decision about who should make your custom foot orthotic. See the Foot Orthotic Providers and the Certified Orthotist pages.


Your body is a finely tuned machine, and you expect it to give you the highest performance. But with the rigorous efforst you put your machine through, sometimes it needs a little help. We can provide bracing for all the parts you may have pushed a little beyond their limits.

Advanced Orthodynamics provides patients with Custom Bracing, Sports Bracing, Specialized Devices and Specialized Orthoses such as DAFOs, Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses, Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses and Parapodiums. See our product galleries for examples of bracing and orthotics: foot , knee, leg, spine, neck, head, wrist and hand.


Photo of custom foot orhotics
Foot Orthothics
Foot Orhotics Gallery

Photo of custom scoliosis orthosis
Scoliosis Spinal Brace
Head & Spinal Gallery
Photo of Knee Orthosis
Knee Orthosis
Knee Orthosis Gallery

Photo of wrist  hand orthosis
Wrist Hand Orthosis
Upper Limb Orthosis Gallery

Photo of lower limb orthosis
Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis
Lower Limb Orthosis Gallery