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Common Foot Ailments

Callouses and Corns

Callouses form where shoes rub repeatedly on your feet, dead skin cells build up, creating calluses on the sole of the feet and corns on the toes. This is how the body protects itself from excessive and constant pressure.

Treatment: proper fitting shoes and foot orthotics to distribute the weight over the entire foot.


Hammertoes is a muscle imbalance in the toes cause the end joints of one or more smaller toes to bend down, while the closer joints bend up, resulting in a claw like deformity. It is speculated that Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome may be another cause.

Treatment: foot orthotics to stretch out the toes, orthopaedic or custom shoes during treatment for the extra depth. In some cases surgery may be required.


Bunions form when the bursa sac of the large and/or small toes become inflamed from irritation caused by over-pronation along with the wearing of improper shoes. Bunions are much more common in women than men due to the narrow, pointed, high heeled shoes many women prefer to wear.

Treatment: foot orthotics, proper footwear and occasionally, surgery.


Inflammation of the metatarsal joints can be caused by improper footwear, abnormal functioning of the forefoot or by diseases such as arthritis.

Treatment: foot orthotics to redistribute the weight over the foot and proper shoes.

Plantar Neuroma

Plantar Neuroma is nerve growth that often accompanies metatarsalgia, developing when the nerve between two metatarsal heads is pinched and bruised. Complaints are a burning numbness or electric shock sensation in the ball of the foot.

Treatment: foot orthotics for a dropped metatarsal arch and proper footwear.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is the most common form of heel pain. It is a chronic inflammation of the plantar fascia, a ligament like structure that passes from the heel to the forefoot. The inflammation is caused by the fascia partially pulling away from the heel and, if left untreated, a heel spur or bony growth may develop.

Treatment: Physiotherapy, foot orthotics and stretching exercises.


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